Dear Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul

Just wanted to say hello and share some pictures of Argo.I cant put into words how happy we are with Argo.When our dog Corky passed away I thought we would never find a dog as sweet as he was .We were going to get a puppy but just could not make up our mind what kind we wanted. I suggested to Linda why not look on the internet so we could compare the different breeds.Well some how she wound up on your web site.When I came home from work that day she said you have to see this dog I found he’s so cute.The rest is history.We knew as soon as we met him we would be taking him home. Argo has been with us for over a year now, he is so funny he makes us laugh all the time. He loves to be outside chasing the birds and squirrels.He still loves to play ball no matter what the weather is.We don’t know much about where he came from but we are sure glad you were there for him when he needed someone. Argo is a lucky dog and we are lucky to have him.







Thanks Again