Volunteerism: “…the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable or educational, or other worthwhile activities, esp. in one’s community”
— Webster

Does this sound like you? – Someone with time and/or talent and the desire to serve? If you answered YES…

Here are SEVEN great reasons to volunteer with Aunt Mary’s Doghouse:

  • You love animals and especially Dogs
  • You think working with animals in need is a rewarding experience
  • You want to serve and be involved with your community
  • You want to teach your kids about animals, respect, caring, kindness, giving and helping others
  • You’ve got a skill like photography, writing, carpentry, baking etc., and you want to have some fun with it
  • You want the entire family to be involved in a meaningful project
  • You have a great reason of your own and it isn’t on this list!

What Other Volunteers Have to Say

“I volunteer because I feel many people work with homeless people and not enough volunteers know about all the homeless animals who can’t speak for themselves and don’t have anyone looking out for them.”

— Debbie from Chatham

“People that work rescue have a very strong bond. It makes volunteering to save homeless animals the best experience in the world. I will do this as long as I can, with every resource I can, every minute that I can. I will tell you why– because the pay is great. By pay I mean the feeling I get in my heart.”

— Claudine from Randolph

“Fostering has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It is so hard to let each one go, but when I think I am helping one more dog out of a shelter find a new life, it’s worth it. Just one person/family can make a difference.”

— Denise from Cedar Grove

“Our family fostered 5 newborn puppies. For me it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Knowing that my efforts helped save these puppies made me proud.”

— Tom Z from Cedar Grove

“Fostering dogs is great! You get to meet all new dogs. Sometimes you have to give them up but you know you are doing something great for a dog and making a person happy.”

— Michael age 10

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to experience helping the dogs. It means a lot to me that they find wonderful places to spend their lives and I was a part of it. It’s even more worth it when you see them happy.”

— Paige age 13

How You Can Join Our Doghouse

Call us for a volunteer application (908-362-1333). This application will help us get acquainted. We want to find out about you and your interests and develop a volunteer role that is the right fit for you and your talents or circumstance. If you like what you’ve read, heard or seen about us and think you are aligned with our mission simply fill out the application. You will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator to design your ‘job’ description. We will provide you with our Guidelines & Policy Manual and provide training. Yes – we will hold your hand and continue to guide you just as it’s our policy to do with adoptors and our dogs