Here’s How Aunt Mary’s Doghouse Can Help You Find A New Home For Your Dog

We often get calls from people who have a personal pet or a stray dog they’ve found requesting help placing the dog in a new home for various reasons. Although we don’t take these dogs in, claiming 100% responsibility the way a shelter would, we’re glad to offer assistance in others ways.

While the dog remains in YOUR home we can post the dog’s photo and a description including your contact information where people can reach you directly, on our website. People interested in your dog will then call you to get their questions answered and set up an appointment to meet the dog. This should be done at your home or some other public designated area such as the park or pet store.

We’re a non-profit 501(c)3 charity made up of a group of dedicated volunteers. All funds raised are applied directly to the dogs for their care. For this reason we feel the homeless dogs should benefit from sharing their web space and our time to help dogs that are not in such a desperate situation. Following are your options for obtaining help:

  1. For a tax deductible donation of $150, paid in advance, we’ll post up to 3 photos of your dog on our website where we get nearly 1,000 visitors on average per week. You’ll be able to screen the applicants yourself and maintain control of the adoption terms and conditions.
  2. For a tax deductible donation of $200, paid in advance, we’ll get a little more involved in the process by screening applicants for you and sending only candidates we feel would be the potential right match for your dog. It will still be your responsibility to check references and do a home inspection should you select a candidate.
  3. If you want Aunt Mary or a foster representative to be present to make a formal adoption which includes some of the additional perks like one month of free pet insurance, the $20 spay/neuter program, checking references and the home inspection, the adopter contributes a $150 adoption donation in addition to your contribution of a $50 or $100 donation for use of the web site and/or our assistance with screening. If the dog is returned because of a failed adoption the dog will be returned to you.

Keep in mind the key to attracting potential adopters is an award winning photograph and an informative description that motivate candidates to pick up the phone. Thinking of your dog’s photo appearing on the cover of a magazine should give you the idea of the quality of the photo to be submitted for posting.

If the dog likes playing with toys, kids, other dogs/cats, which are all pluses, be sure to indicate this in the description and photos. Whatever the pose, be sure it is up close and personal. Photos should be sent in JPG digital format in files no larger than 500k to:

What to avoid: People don’t want to hear about your problems/reasons for looking for a home (you can discuss that later) – they first simply want to learn about the dog, so make your description all about the great qualities of the dog. Tell people WHY they should adopt THIS DOG.

Does the dog know a great trick like ringing a bell to go outside or any other tricks? – Include this in the description.

Certainly we also want to disclose any ‘issues’ a dog might have too (kid nipper, cat chaser) so that the consumer is fully informed of their responsibility if taking this dog. The goal is an accurate description so we can find the best match for the dog. Be sure to include all of your contact information related to phone/e-mail.

In order to accurately post your dog, we need the following information from you:

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Male/Female
  • Size (as adult)
  • Name of dog
  • Spay/Neutered?
  • up to date on vaccinations? (it’s a requirement that the dog is current on DA2PP and Rabies at the time of adoption)

In addition we can also indicate that your dog requires a home without children or a home without dogs or cats.

All checks are made payable to Aunt Mary’s Doghouse, and can be sent to PO Box 271, Hope, NJ 07844.