Diamond yawnDo You Need A Speaker For Your School, Club Or Special Event?

Aunt Mary’s Doghouse could be your solution and although we could talk forever about dogs we’re not limited to that topic.

We have a pool of talented friends and volunteers from all walks of life – college professors; lawyers; appraisers; massage therapists; farmers; financial planners – you name your topic and we can talk about it.  

All we ask in return is a donation to the dogs in whatever amount is in your budget or in trade.

Aunt Mary’s specialty is humane education workshops for young children. We come into your assembly hall with a few friendly dogs and a slide presentation defining  the meaning of rescue and volunteerism.  This topic is designed to be a motivational workshop to teach and inspire kids in their own volunteer endeavors.  

N Blvd School

We also have other topics to draw from that cover humane treatment of animals, the responsibility of a pet owner and the training, health and care of a pet.

Older kids or adults might enjoy hearing about starting and operating a rescue program or a non-profit charity over a club lunch such as the Rotary.

Please call us at 908-362-1333 or e:mail auntmarysdoghouse@yahoo.com and let us know what you need.  We’re certain to have the right speaker in our large dog loving network.