Mary, we changed Cagney’s name to Cody and OH MY SWEET GOOD GOD & LORD! I never new your name was Cody!!!! I only knew you as Aunt Mary!!!! Anyway, I selected Cody because when I was a youngster I had a dog named TOBY. I wanted to keep the “C” sound from I thought Coby but negated that idea because of the ugly basketball player who is in trouble with the law named Coby Bryant. We cleverly took the ‘b’ and turned it around to ‘d’ and arrived at Cody. Kind of the long way around naming a dog!

Life is full of good intensions and I REALLY wanted to let you know much sooner how Cody is doing but so many things to do and so little time. I know YOU know what that is like. For the benefit of you readers, I’m the gal who was looking for a dog to use with my class of autistic teenagers & you KNEW Cagney had the important personality to the job! YOU WERE RIGHT ON! I

We started by taking 3 dog obedience classes at St Hubert’s and Cody caught on rapidly. He was then tested at St. Huberts’s for PAWS FOR PEOPLE program so that he could be certified as a Pet Assisted Therapy dog. On the first test 1/13/06 he got a “NOT READY YET”. Second test, 4/14/07 CODY PASSED !


Now, Cody’s a “working man” and comes to work with me everyday to assist in my classroom with my students. We also do many visitations for Paws for People. These photos are of Cody working with my class. Cody. I’m grateful to you for hooking us up!