Hi Aunt Mary,

It’s me, Dina, letting you know that I am so happy living with my new owner, Sandy.

Since leaving that frightening shelter in Ohio and coming to you I really hit the jackpot of homes and love! I live in a wonderful house. Sandy loves me and says I’m already very spoiled! I have a huge backyard. It’s full of bunnies and squirrels for me to chase. I chase the squirrels right up the trees.


Sandy also has a beautiful horse — she says the way I eat I’ll soon be as big as the horse.


Sandy & I go for walks around the neighborhood daily. I’ve made so many new friends. My beagle friend, Buddy joins me on the walks. He also comes over and plays in my yard. I’m also good friends with my next door neighbors, Sydney the Australian Shepherd and Boscoe, the Jack Russell. Boy, we love to run the fence lines.


Thank you Mary for my rescue and letting me get adopted by Sandy . For a large breed black dog with an unknown past I know I’m a very lucky girl that there are people like Sandy to love and care for me.

Love, Dina