Ezra and Rachel

NOTE: Ezra and Rachel are flat coat retriever siblings born in Virginia. As pups they were adopted as a pair and for unknown reasons two years later they were surrendered back to the shelter.

When we took them into rescue it was abundantly clear they were bonded soul mates and should remain together. They’re like a long married couple that does everything together in a synchronized harmony. We could have adopted them out separately a hundred times — they’re just so loving — but we decided to wait until that certain someone would come along and offer them the opportunity of a life together. That incredible person is Susan Crumb and here is her update on our furry friends.

Dear Aunt Mary,

At last the adoption trial period is up and we’re delighted to say that Ezra and Rachel seem happy with and well adjusted to their new life here together and we now totally consider them our family – they won’t be coming back to you!


As you know I’m a big fan of outdoor activity and Ezra and Rachel share my enthusiasm. They love to walk in the woods. As you can see, Rachel also loves to wade in the water.


Today she waded in a stream and then made her way into the pond. She got good and wet, and then decided to roll around in a patch of moss. When she stood up, it was immediately decided that she would need a bath before entering the house. Ezra has been a bit more timid about the water, only entering after Rachel shows him it is safe. He’s such a big baby!


Rachel on left and Ezra on right

And I have to say, you were so right about him burning much more energy than her. Rachel’s pace seems to slow towards the end of her walks, while Ezra could walk forever. I think, and hope however, that he will get enough exercise living here. My dad has warmed up to them and is now taking them on a few walks a day. I am generally on morning duty, except for when I’m down at school. My mom generally walks then during the day.

I bought them 2 boring bowls from WALMART and really wanted to spruce them up — I like projects.



Ez and Rach also love being inside hanging out. Here’s Rachel happy to be relaxing in the house.

As you can see they are truly loved and well cared for!