Aunt Mary,

Fable is doing quite well in her new home with my mom. She LOVES to cuddle and just the other day I had her in my lap. Fable is quite a talker too. She can often make it quite difficult for my mom and me to talk on the phone! Fable and Ngaire (my mom’s second dog) would play for long periods of time in the snow, almost reluctant to come in. She also doesn’t like special rawhide treats unless Ngaire’s already started it. Apparently a lot of passing back and forth goes on before they both settle down and finish their treat.

Fable is so good with Belle the Chihuahua, my mom’s third dog. Ngaire bugs Belle, who is the dominant one of the three, but Fable won’t bother her. I’m trying to take their portraits but every time I whip the camera out, they jump up and rush to me. Sigh. One day I hope to get that lucky shot. Cristin

Fable on her new cozy bed