Ginger 2

Ginger is the second of Cricket’s pups to be named Ginger. Some of her siblings are Rocky, Lexie, Ginger, Levi, Blarney found here in the Success Stories. Sometimes it happens that a pup is returned as is the case with this Ginger. Good people, good home, GREAT dog but the match simply fell apart. We’re always happy to help out and to maintain our commitment to the Doghouse members so when Ginger was returned we worked with her to solve the issues described to us. All it took was a combination of exercise, discipline that defined rules, boundaries and limitations followed up with the award of affection. In no time at all Ginger was up to speed and ready to try out a new match. Along came Amy, an recent empty nester, looking for friendly warm companionship with a fur coat. As you can see Ginger and Amy have met their ‘match’. Congratulations to this new team!

Dear Mary,
Ginger2-01Just wanted to let you know that Ginger is wonderful and we are getting along beautifully.

Here are some photos of Ginger. I’m still trying to get one of her sitting up with ears perked but every time I try, she comes over for hugs. As you can see she enjoys gazing out the backdoor.
Ginger2-02Adena, the trainer you recommended from Generation Pets is enjoying the success of training us both. We’ve reached the point where I see progress in every practice session. Recently I had to go away for 3 days and boarded her at the Barker Lounge in W. Paterson. They said she played well with the other dogs and was well behaved. I was relieved that she recognized me when I went to pick her up and she was happy to get home.
Ginger2-03Ginger curls up in her bed as I do my email and at the same time, catch her unaware with the camera. She just looked at me, gave a big yawn, and put her head down. She is comfortable and content.

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Ginger is exactly what I wanted — loveable, affectionate and sweet. Thanks so much for training her and placing her with me.