Gypsy-01Just a note to talk about our little girl named “Gypsy.”

One day, just a month or two after I had lost my 15 and 17 year old angels, I decided to access and just take a look at the (too) many wonderful creatures in need of a home. I was really just “looking,” not sure I was quite ready to actually venture out of the house to look.

Up pops Aunt Marys Doghouse. I called about Gypsy and was told that there was someone ahead of me with an appointment to see Gypsy. Luckily it turned out that Gypsy was not the right match for that candidate and fate provided us with our opportunity. It was a very long drive from Long Island to Blairstown to meet her but ultimately worth every mile!

Now I must say that Aunt Mary made me a bit nervous at first. I fell in love almost immediately, (with Gypsy that is), and told Mary shortly into the visit, that I’d made my decision, we wanted to take Gypsy home. Aunt Mary’s response was: “Lets see how it goes.” Clearly, I was not getting off that easily.

Aunt Mary and her “Dog House” are truly special. There are no cages — it’s truly a home and clearly there is lots of love. Each and every one of the dogs there were sweet, affectionate, well cared for, and for the most part, very obedient. They really seemed “at home,” regardless of their very different backgrounds and needs.


Once Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul we’re comfortable with us and saw that Gypsy was truly belly-up comfortable and interested in us as well we filled out the paperwork and took her home to Long Island.

Very quickly Gypsy made the house her home. Just as quickly she captivated our hearts. All this happened in an amazingly short period of time. Gypsy is not a “pure” breed, (whatever this really means), nor is she a puppy. She is however, a joy.


She’s adjusted so well that you’d think she’d been here forever. As you can see she has claimed the sofa. What a comedian at times. She makes you smile round the clock. On her first night we made a snack of mozzarella cheese and without thinking twice we wandered off into the other room leaving the cheese behind. When we returned imagine our surprise to see a very satisfied Gypsy licking her lips! Say Cheese for the camera Gypsy!


She’s found her own special places in the house — one in each and every room.


And, she adores running around in the back yard. She’s tried to bury almost every rawhide bone, treat, or toy I give her. I think she’s part squirrel.


We’ve decided to leave her name as it is. She’s very responsive to it, and that’s all that’s important.

Though providing good homes for her charges is what it’s all about, Aunt Mary makes sure that the fit is right for all before letting a dog leave. She also remains in contact and is a constant source of information. Oh, and lets not forget Uncle Paul. He works hard to give the dogs special training to better than chances at adoption. Before Gypsy left he took her into a separate room to say his own good-bye. All this love and she’d only been there for a few weeks. These are two truly wonderful people and we all appreciate what they do for dogs.

Melanie, Andy, and Gypsy.