Dear Aunt Mary,

I’m writing this to tell you Hannah is doing. Today she was spayed and during the surgery they found that her little belly was filled with steel pellets from buckshot.

Since they are steel they present no cause for alarm and to remove all of them would have been invasive. Benny, her new canine ‘brother’ keeps going over and licking her. It truly amazes me that given what this young pup has been through that she is so filled with love and trust.

After setting some ground rules she complies beautifully. Benny and her play very well together. She puts him in his place if he gets too rough. She engages him most of the time and he loves it. He is no longer sulking around the house. Within the first week she learned to sit. Having Benny makes it very easy for her to learn, “monkey see monkey do”. She is also great with cats.

This beautiful, incredible creature has not only settled nicely in her new home, she also has forever moved into our hearts and we have you to thank for all of this.

Sandra Doyle