This is Jenny’s Success Story but first a little background on our girl. Jenny was a mama we rescued from Virginia that had 3 beautiful pups pictured here at various ages. Below the pups photos is an update from the proud adoptor of mama Jenny:

Jimmy Jam
Penny Lane
Nursing mama – look at that belly

I thought you’d like to see a picture of Jenny with a smile on her face.


She’s doing very well. Her coat has grown in to be thick and curly in spots, including her tail, which was like a feather when we brought her home. From the picture you sent of Keira at Thanksgiving, it looks like she is the spitting image of her mom, except for her coloring and maybe her size. Jenny is now about 50 pounds up from the 38 when we brought her home at the end of Sept. no doubt exhausted from recent motherhood.

As promised, Jenny has been spayed, completed the beginning obedience course and is training us very well. She’s a lot of fun. Last week she got invited on a play date with two neighborhood males about her size and it was fun to see her run and play in a fenced yard. Most nights after dinner she’ll go to her toy basket unprompted and challenge us to a good game of fetch or tug. It took about a month before she showed us that she knew the word toy, but she knows what’s hers and rarely bothers anything else. Our friends threw her a ‘doggie shower’ party and she is admiring her loot.


She had an “ah ha” moment a couple of weeks ago when she suddenly understood the “drop it” command and the games got even better.

This weekend she experienced her first real house party when it was my turn to host my women’s group. Keeping her from licking the plates on my friends’ laps was a bit of a challenge but we all managed. She loved all the attention and my friends liked giving it to her. I keep her on the leash to keep her safe (from bolting) when company is arriving and leaving. We are taking no chances even though she usually stays clear of the doors when we come and go now.

Ginny goes home

I keep reminding myself (and Hal) that we’ve only had her 3 1/2 months and can’t let our guard down, if ever, at the front door. I’ll never forget that night she bolted out the door a few days after arrival. We were so lucky to get her back! She had two lucky charms in her favor – ID tags and people on the street that love dogs and took the trouble to call. Anyway keeping our guard up is working. We adore her. She has a wonderful spirit and energy that keeps us on our toes and endears her to all she meets. We can’t thank you enough for having brought us together.

Warm regards,
Marsha & Hal

PS: I look in once in a while to see who’s posted. I noticed that you seem to like to host dogs that look like Jenny! (She’s got me here folks! I do love the masked bandits!)