When our shepherd/lab mix, Ella (above left), turned 2 we decided she needed a playmate. Once again, we turned to Petfinder.com to search for lab mixes. It was there our search led us to a litter of collie/lab mixes at Aunt Mary’s Doghouse.

One special pup jumped out as us because she resembled a collie I had as a child. We contacted Aunt Mary and were told the dog was available. We loaded up into the car (Ella too) and set off from Connecticut on the 1-� hour trip to Aunt Mary’s in Blairstown. We felt no distance was too great to find the right dog!

The puppy was quiet but very alert and our dog Ella seemed somewhat afraid of her. We decided she would be a great playmate for Ella who was gentle, obedient and somewhat timid. We hoped we’d met Aunt Mary’s expectations as the right match to this pup. We were thrilled when we were told we could take her home.

We named the pup Lexie and it didn’t take her long to settle in and to remind us that, once again, we had a puppy in the house. Ella and Lexie’s relationship blossomed after only a week. When we noticed them nuzzling on the couch we knew they were bonding as we had hoped. Lexie follows Ella around like she’s her shadow. She even cries if Ella’s not with her. We are so happy we decided to get another puppy! Thank you Aunt Mary!

The Collier Family

Update Dec. 2006