Dear Aunt Mary,

Lionel is such a treat! – He is a truly special spirit. We spent our first late summer evening outside waiting for night fall and listening to the winds changing.

We have a small pond and he and I have been listening to the water and watching for frogs which he thinks is pretty cool, as do I. Now when he walks out the back patio he meanders to the little pond and perks his ears as he listens for frogs to jump in the water. His hearing is truly extraordinary.

He responds best not to loud voices but to low sounds and picks up the slightest subtlety. I was talking to myself, which I do often, mumbling/whispering, while we were walking outside, and he heard me say his name and picked his head up.

I have also nicknamed him “peanut butter” because he sticks to me like peanut butter.

I wanted to give him something in the middle of the day to look forward to since he and I will be home a lot – me working and Lionel alternating between sleeping and surveying his “kingdom.” So I found him a job; I think he will really like POST MAN.

Since he and I walked twice in the rain, and inclement weather doesn’t seem to bother him, I thought he might like walking into town in the middle of the day to pick up the mail. Outfitted in his new uniform – an Excursion Pack from Pet Smart – he will now carry the mail home. And on those days when we have time, he and I will take a short picnic break on the trail.

What more can I say – it’s a dog’s life. I have worked, sacrificed and planned a long time to be able to enjoy my life like this, and I am truly incredibly grateful you and this wonderful dog for letting us share these years.

Evadne & Leo