Lucky Pups

While preparing to go off on a “vacation from dogs” fate intervened. We received a plea to help both another rescue and the dogs scheduled for delivery there. This took some fast action to line up volunteers that could step in immediately and provide coverage in our absence. Although our #1 Volunteer Brenda is on a demanding work assignment she said she would house the puppies — even when I announced there would be 4 motherless Labrador/Cocker pups and 1 small sized mama dog with her own party of 3 little Plott Hound pups making a grand total of 8. Base camp was erected in Brenda’s basement.

Step two was to hire a puppy sitter to cover the puppy’s needs while Brenda was at work. Volunteer Paige and her mom Denise stepped forward and made the dedicated daily rounds to feed, clean the puppy pens, exercise the mama dog and the most difficult task — running back and forth to the vets office and dispensing medications. Brenda would repeat everything in the evenings. Aunt Mary coached from vacation.

The 4 motherless lab/cockers had been found abandoned on a southern state roadside. There were 9 pups but sadly 5 pups and their mom were deceased, reportedly for several days before someone was compassionate enough to stop and provide assistance. There were three chocolate and one black pups. The male chocolate (Luke) had what appeared to be an eye infection but in fact turned out to be a punctured eye that we could not save. We sought two opinions and ultimately had to have the eye stitched closed. He was a happy little clam when he went into the vet and he got up off the operating table the same way — not a care in the world about the loss of his eye or a single complaint — if only humans were this resilient! Here is Luke injured left eye in shadow and siblings Lucy, Josie & Tara.


The second set of pups belonged to Brandy who looks like a little pup herself. She not only was an excellent mom to her kids she took on the responsibility for the other four motherless pups. From left to right we have Brandy, Maddie, Smokee and Madison.


We’re happy to report that all 8 of the dogs you see pictured here got wonderful homes and you’ll find many of their individual stories in the Success Stories library. Check it out!