Mr. Roo

Aunt Mary, I can honestly say that we are both so very happy that we adopted Roo. At 6 months I think he is doing really well. He knows around 20 words now and learns more each day. I especially love the drop it command. He understands that one so well that it can even be used when he is eating his food. He’ll stop in mid bite and spit it out. Then gives me a look like: are you done proving a point yet lady so I can finish eating?


We hope to start puppy training with him soon. No one had any classes until spring so we had to wait. He still has an accident in the house every now and then but they are few and far between. He’s reached the point now where he is ashamed when he does it so we clean it up, tell him we still love him and remind him where the door is and move on.

We had Mr Roo neutered on Feb 27. I don’t know what kind of dog his mom Jiggie Blue had fun with but it must have been a whole lot bigger than her! Roo stands about 21 inches at the shoulder and weighs over 40 pounds at only 6 months! The vet even commented on the size and smiled when she said he wasn’t done growing yet. He seems to have stopped growing “up” and has started to fill out the last month or so.

He’s developed an odd behavior lately that we don’t quite understand. He walks over to our other dog Molly and stands beside her, lifts his leg like he is going to pee on her but instead lays it on her back and just stands there. She has a smile on her face and so does he. Danged if I know what they think they are doing but she seems to like his “hug”. They are like 2 kids. Roo is always reaching out with a paw to swat Molly and then she barks to one of us as if to say, Mom he’s touching me!! When you look at him he quickly moves his foot and looks innocent.

Roo just reminded me that it’s bed out so I better get going.

Deb Kristensen