Dear Aunt Mary,

Patti-01Patti has really settled in and become a loving member of this family. While walking Patti, quite a few of the neighbors come out to greet and pet her. A retired man a few houses away said seeing Patti is the best part of his day.
Patti-02We love her very much and we learned how to read her body language. We all gained a lot from obedience classes.

Bryce our son would now like to give you a personal message:

Patti-03Aunt Mary, Thank you so much for giving us Patti. She is so wonderful! loving, playful, and so much more. It would be impossible for me to find another dog as loving as Patti.

Thanks from Bryce

Aunt Mary, as you can see, Patti has made quite an impact on our family. We hope we qualify as a success story.

Doreen,Jeff, Melany ,Bryce and Patti Dreifus.