Rocky Donato

Dear Aunt Mary,

I just happened to be browsing through your website and read letters from the Success Stories link. I was ecstatic to see that 4 of Rocky’s siblings (Cricket’s pups) were up on the site. Lexie looks exactly like Rocky. I hope you put the note below in the Success Stories so that others will see another person you’ve brought joy and love to and Rocky’s siblings owners can see him too.

“I can’t tell you what a joy it’s been having Rocky with us. I had been searching for a dog for almost a year–going to the local shelters. Every time I’d see a dog I liked, they were either adopted already or not available when I would get to the shelter.

Then I located your website and saw some pups there that I would’ve loved.

I had the intention of going to pick out a female named Wilma but she was adopted by the time I got there. Then your husband said he had the perfect puppy for me and it was Rocky. I fell in love with him immediately and took him home that day.


He is the most mischievous pup I’ve had–chewing walls, molding and shoes. But he’s only a puppy. He’s so lovable and gets along with most dogs in the neighborhood. I live down the block from a park where the dog run is very close and he’s in heaven there.

After a week at home he learned to jump up on my window seat and lays there part of the day. He has become known in the neighborhood as “the dog in the window”. People have actually passed and commented that they thought he was a statue (like the lions outside the NY Public Library-42nd St). People comment all the time how cute he is.


Anyway, he’s 8 months old now and 73 lbs — although my vet said he wouldn’t get larger than 50 lbs. It was so hot this summer that I went and bought a baby pool for him. Well this baby was way too big but he loves it anyway.


Take care and thanks so much for making me one happy and lucky person.

Mary Ann & Rocky Donato