Sami & Lukie

tweedy1Sami is a southern born Plott hound that came into the shelter as a single pup without siblings. She was lucky to get into a foster care home until the north bound transport could find space to bring her to us. Here she is with a friend enjoying the sunshine.

Sami is full of doggie spirit. When she enters a room it’s All About Sami. She jumps for joy as if to say, Hi I’m Sami! Did you know I’m Sami? Well I’m Sami! Sami-Sami-Sami – let’s play!

We had her posted a very short time before a couple from Tuxedo Park, NY spotted her and made the drive to Blairstown. They’d just lost their senior ‘fur-child’ and were feeling the emptiness in their heart and home. It was their hope they’d find comfort in bringing home a pup. Sami said WOW – I’d love to be your baby!! Off she went in a big truck with the promise of a boat and summers on the lake. We’d say she won the luck lottery!

And as you can see she instantly became Daddy’s little girl.

sami1 sami2
Already a poolside Lounge Lizard

Grand Prize winner of the Easter hunt

Smart puppy – 48 hours and has already claimed the master bed

Loving Sami as much as we do, my husband Bob and I had talked about getting a second dog. We were amazed at how negative our friends were at the prospect of having another dog. Ignoring them I kept checking Aunt Mary’s website and one day there appeared these BEAUTIFUL chocolate lab mix pups.

Lukie was the only male and we wanted a male. Lukie also had sustained an injury when his family was abandoned roadside in Virginia. Human neglect cost him his left eye.

At first Bob was afraid if we picked Lukie it would be a ‘sympathy pick’ and he would feel sorry for Lukie forever and was not sure if we should take him. Maybe we should take one of his sisters he offered meekly? But my heart was set on Lukie and you know the power of a woman’s persuasive heart. Bob is also a very loving man and soon agreed that Lukie was to be ours.

I went with Mary to pick Lukie up from the vet as he had surgery to remove the eye and stitch it shut. He looked like a little rag doll that had just been repaired. I held him in the car on the way back. Even with the big plastic cone around his head (to prevent him from scratching the stitches out) he insisted on giving me kisses. After giving our heart to him we had to wait another week and a half to pick him up so he could get his follow-up treatment.

Like all dogs Lukie moved on with his life. No need to feel sorry for Lukie — he loves his life and is a great dog.

We tell everyone: “He’s winking at you!”

Lukie is a true puppy — into everything, chews everything — you have to keep your eyes on him at all times. After an easy sweetie like Sami, it was a bit of a shock! But he is getting better as he gets older.


He’s a true “boy” — had already jumped into Island Pond to swim in October and loves to go fishing with Bob on his boat.


Our dog trainer, Chris, said the best exercise for a dog is another dog — and he is right! Sami and Lukie love to run and play and chase each other in the yard. But they also cuddle up together when they are tired.


At first having a 2 month-old and 8 month-old puppy was a little hard, but it has gotten easier as they’ve gotten older. They’ve brought so much joy and love into our lives and are truly a blessing. With two dogs fireside this Christmas felt truly blessed. A blessing that Aunt Mary helped achieve.

Pam and Bob, Tuxedo, NY