Dear Aunt Mary,
Smokee1I just wanted to write to let you know how I am doing. As you know I went home with Ana on Thursday night, September 21. The ride home was about an hour long and that is a very long time for a puppy to sit still. I didn’t know where I was going and I was a little worried because my sisters weren’t with me. But I was soon to learn my new life was going to be fantastic!


When I arrived at my new home I couldn’t believe my luck! There were cool toys and a big bed of my very own! I jumped right on it and claimed it! When we go to bed I sleep in Ana’s room. I have my very comfortable bed and I lay next to hers. Sometimes I’d rather sleep under her bed. Before the night ends I’m back on my own bed stretched out and very safe and comfortable.


I even have my very own personal assistant — Bobby. He’s my walker. Bobby picks me up Monday thru Friday at 10am and we are together until 3pm. I like him so much. We have so much fun going to the park! I’m so tired when I get home that I go right to sleep for a few hours. When Ana gets home from work at 5pm I am just waking up. Then she and I play for a while and I help her around the house. I eat 2-3 times day. I sit before I get my food and I eat slowly now. Aren’t you proud of me?

Ana took me to the vet to get my puppy checkup. I weigh 19lbs! Ana says I’ve grown since I have been with her. I wonder how big I’m really going to get! My next visit is on October 14 to get all my final shots, including rabies. As soon as I get my rabies shot I’ll be able to sign up for a training class. I’m doing great so far so the training class will be fantastic!

Ana made me a tag with my name and my phone number. It makes a jingling sound when I walk and I feel special — like I really belong to somebody now! Ana says she loves me and doesn’t want me to get lost — ever!

I’m smart and quickly learning household manners! I stand by the front door when I need to go out. Ana put a bell on the door and maybe I’ll learn to paw at it when I need to go out. This way she can hear me in case she can’t see me standing there. It’s a little different living in an apartment where you can’t just run out the doggie door. I love to sit on the balcony and watch the people walk by.


Ana also makes sure I get lots of exercise. I’ve already figured out I’m pretty fast! Every morning we get up early and we walk the River Walkway. The other day Ana and I went walking and we sat outside at Panera Restaurant and said hello to people walking by. Everyone says I’m very cute and handsome! Its my smokey grey/green eyes!

Here I am looking towards the George Washington Bridge. Isn’t it a pretty sight?


Well Aunt Mary, I’ll write you again. Maybe I can visit you one day at the Dog House and say hello. I would love to see you and thank you for saving me, giving me a home and taking such good care of me.

Lots of licks,

PS: It was such a nice day yesterday that Ana sat out there having coffee and I played with that bear you gave me. You were right! the tag was my favorite part. I like to carry the bear with me from room to room. Sometimes he sleeps with me.


P.S.S. 17Oct update to Aunt Mary:

WOWWEEEE I’m a BIG 23 pounds! I saw Dr. Kim for the last of my puppy vaccinations and my rabies shot. I now have a second tag that jingles with my ID tag when I walk down the street.


Ana just scheduled private training with Joana from Sit & Stay dog training – I think the training is really intended for Ana. Joana is going to visit us this Thursday for 2.5 hours and I’m going to learn basic commands like sit, stay, come, look at me. I don’t know why she needs to come over at all because as you see here I’ve already perfected sit and LOOK AT ME comes natural!


I went for an outing to Ramapo State Park with my friend Jackson. He’s a Golden Retriever and he loves to swim. I watched him go in the water and I tried to follow just a little but I only got up to my belly. Aunt Mary has a little pool for little dogs and I didn’t like that very much either but my sisters Madison and Maddie sure did.


I like hiking a lot! The crunchy fall leaves sound like music under my paws and chasing them in the wind is extra fun. Piles of leaves are the best to play in. Ana says, I’m the same wonderful colors of fall leaves. All this activity makes me sleepy. I’ve got to nap now. Bye