Snickers is one of Juniper’s 5 pups born in November 2007. Mom was pregnant in a high kill shelter.

We arranged for her rescue and transport but on the evening she was scheduled to get on board she gave birth and the little family had to stay behind and wait until all could make the long journey. Happy to say all have wonderful homes.

Dear Aunt Mary:

I wanted to give you an update and let you know that Snickers is doing well.

First day was rough, he wouldn’t leave the living room, but he has started exploring yesterday. We have stairs in our house and he doesn’t know what to make of them yet so we are carrying him outside.

He is a howler at night in the crate, but yesterday he actually went in there on his own just to relax. He loves playing with the kids and tries to eat/bite everything in site. He is such a love though, he loves to climb up next to you and cuddle or just lay on his back. He is doing well and full of lots of energy. He still is not a big fan of the car, but he is managing. We have been trying to take him as many places as possible to get him use to the car, people and other dogs.

We love him!