Dear Aunt Mary,

It me Possum, your special little pup in the litter of Miss Ellie of Virginia.


My new parents Lisa and Ralph call me Taz and it has nothing to do with being a devil. As you can see, they’d got lots of friends with dogs and we’re one big happy family. That’s me in the middle in case you don’t recognize me now that I’m bigger.


Just wanted to tell you that mom and I started school last night. Mom says I’m “awesome” and the star of the class. I don’t know what that means but I got lots of treats so it must all be good! It was lots of work though, we worked on eye contact, sitting and down. (Most people think my right eye is funny looking because its ringed with pink and the other one is black). My mom loves looking into my eyes and I love looking into the camera.


Mom’s boss said OK to me going to work everyday and learning to be a therapy dog. All these big words!! Well if it gets me more attention and treats is OK with me. I guess for a guy my age going to work is a special honor! Me a super star and a therapy dog! Wow I’m special.




I simply can’t tell you often enough how happy we are with Taz… We are just about finished with our class and last week the teacher called Taz a SuperStar! Of course we were beaming with pride! Taz loves to be learn. I just found out about the pet therapy certification and how to do it so we are going to enroll. In addition we’re going to sign up for a class called loose leash walking…Thank you again for being such a special and caring person and giving Taz such a great start in life.

Udate: October, 2007

Aunt Mary,

Taz, Lisa and I had our first agility event today, and it went great.

Dad Ralph wonders if he’ll be able to keep up with the spirited Taz in the challenge ahead

We are proud to boast that Taz came in second in his skill/height class (standard -level 1). Further, he did so well that we qualified in earning points toward an agility title in his class.

Prize winner Taz

It was amazing. Something must have clicked in his head today because he never ran as fast before today. He must have been thinking, “oh there are a lot of people watching me so I a better run fast”. I was thinking, “oh boy, how am I going to keep up with him!”. We worked it out and only dropped one bar on a jump.

Happy Winner Taz