Winston and Waylan arrive at The Doghouse August ’06

Winston2Dear Aunt Mary,

Just wanted to give you an update on Winston.

Winston meets his new mom Dana

He fits in so well with my family, it’s like he has always been here. I know you had some apprehensions about my partner Russ, but �.
Winston3Winston and Russ are now little buddies, and Russ thinks he’s a “real cool, smart dog.” (big progress given that Russ wanted a BIG dog)

My parents are in heaven with him. They refer to themselves as Grandma and Grandpa. My brother and Winston bonded as well. Unfortunately Robert had to go back to school, but when he calls, we hold the phone to Winston’s ear so he can say HI.

He’s definitely a playful little puppy- he LOVES to wrestle and play with his hippo. His new favorite toys are definitely squeaky bone and raccoon.

Winston4 Winston5

Winston is into everything. He especially loves any and all of my shoes. His newest discovery is “under the bed.” He loves going under the bed and coming out on the other side- he thinks the dust ruffle is the funniest thing. He is always in the center of whatever is going on. One of his favorite spots in the house is the back door in the kitchen- it’s a full glass door, so he lies on the mat at the door and suns himself while watching the squirrels run by. He loves being outside and especially going for walks around our development. We now have to spell out the word walk because if he hears it, he gets so excited. Winston has made many friends in our neighborhood. He says “HI” to all the kids at the bus stop every morning on our walk. He also has a girlfriend named Gracie who lives across the street. I joke that they are star crossed lovers because they both sit in the bay windows and stare at each other across the street.
Winston6We gave him a bath last week. He was awesome. He pretty much just stood there and let us wash him. After his bath we wrapped him up in a blanket and sat him on my lap.

We also brought him to the vet. He got a great report. The vet said he was very healthy. We got him the Lyme’s vaccine, and I take him back in 2 weeks for the boaster. The next will be for neutering in April. Also, we start puppy obedience class the first Tuesday night in February. I still have him on dry puppy food and mix that with the Merrick’s canned food. However, Winston does get some people food as well. I know what you mean when you said that you’ll fell two little eyes staring at you when you cook. If you are making anything Winston is in the kitchen wanting a piece.

Winston7I do have to say that I have kept my word and Winston is a very spoiled puppy. So much so, my friends began calling him “Prince Winston.” This has now somehow turned into “Princeton.”

I hope you enjoy the pictures- there will be many more to come as well. I do have to say that I love Winston so much. He is the most loving, caring, sweet, adorable dog. Winston and I hope we make it onto your “Success Stories” page on your website!