X-ray was a pathetic little character when we first got her. She weighed just a few pounds, was malnourished, dehydrated, had scabies, rickets and was covered with sores. Because of this, her head was bigger than her body could support. So she even had trouble holding her head up. Her legs were bowed and she could barely stand up, no less walk. She looked more like an X-ray of a dog than a real dog! That’s how she got her name.

She was just 12 weeks, terrified and barely clinging to life. When you looked in her eyes you could see that X-ray didn’t think she had a bright future.

When our volunteer saw X-ray, she was cowering in the corner of a tiny cage. She easily fit into the volunteers hand. It was obvious X-ray was in very serious trouble.

Within minutes, X-ray was in our care. She was wrapped up in a blanket, put on the front seat of her car in the sunshine and taken right to the vet. Considering all her problems, it was doubtful that X-ray could survive. She was given medication, our volunteer was given detailed instructions on how to care for her and she was taken home. Only time could provide the answer — would X-ray survive or would we lose her?

X-ray’s foster Dad was away when she was first brought into her foster home. When he got home, he saw her, she looked so pathetic he wasn’t even sure what he was looking at.

The first few days were rough. Our volunteer Dad spent three nights sleeping on the floor with X-ray, keeping her warm, covered and as comfortable as possible.

Then there was a glimmer of a flame in X-ray’s eyes. She got up from her bed and started walking around her foster home. Sure, she was shaky, but it was a start. It was cold, so she couldn’t spend much time outside until she put on some weight. And her weight started to increase. Slowly at first, then steadily up and up.

She took her first walk outside about two weeks after she came into her foster home. It was a very tentative adventure. She was carried outside, still being light as a feather, and put on the ground. She walked for a minute or two, then couldn’t go any further. Day after day, she was able to walk further and further.

Then the breakthrough!

One day X-ray had to go out. Her foster parents didn’t appear to be ready to take her out. So X-ray let them know it was time. She let out a bark. It was only a tiny little yap. But it was clear that X-ray was getting better.

She was let out into the yard and started to explore. Within days her tentative exploring became a bold strut. There was no turning back. X-ray was going to live and wanted to make up for lost time. When it was time to go out, she let everyone know. She started prancing through the house with new-found confidence. X-ray was back and she wanted to let everyone know!

Then came X-ray’s time to get a home. By pure coincidence, friends of X-ray’s foster parents stopped by to say hello. They had no thought of adopting a dog. They had lost their dog of 14 years several months earlier. They felt they needed time to soothe the pain.

But that doggie magic struck again. X-ray saw them, was curious about who they were and boldly pranced right up to them. Eyes met, sparks flew and X-ray had a permanent, loving home. She now weighs 40 pounds and is as healthy as any dog could hope to be. She travels with her new owners everywhere they go. She spends hours swimming and running at their country home. Her days are filled with love and fun. X-ray has the brightest of futures ahead of her.